Successul Food Drive Concludes

Kids Allergy Network and U-high Health and Fitness Club Partner for a Food Drive


12/17/20233 min read

Recently, Kids Allergy Network (KAN) joined forces with the U-High Health and Fitness Club to organize a food drive to help those facing food insecurity. The collaboration was based on the shared mission to offer access to healthy and allergy-friendly food, which can often be more expensive and harder to obtain.

During the food drive, KAN Co-founder and President Ben O'Donnell, UHigh Health and Fitness Club President Carter Chang, and other members from both programs led large assemblies and smaller classroom programs to raise awareness about food insecurity.

The food drive succeeded in collecting healthy fruits and vegetables, gluten-free products, nut-free snacks, and other allergen-free alternatives. By focusing on these specific food items, KAN aimed to ensure that individuals with allergies or dietary restrictions have access to nutritious and safe options.

The Love Fridge, the recipient of the food drive, is a community-driven initiative that places refrigerators stocked with fresh food in public spaces. These fridges are accessible to anyone in need, providing a dignified way to obtain nourishment. The Love Fridge believes that access to healthy food is a basic human right and aims to combat food insecurity in local communities.

The food drive not only collected an impressive amount of allergy-friendly and nutritious food items but also raised awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with allergies and dietary restrictions. It was a great opportunity to educate young students about these important issues relating to food.

We are grateful for the support and generosity of all those who contributed to the food drive.

To learn more about The Love Fridge, please visit their website and consider supporting their ongoing efforts to promote health and well-being in our communities.

You can read more about the food drive in the U-High Midway.

Ben and Carter fill The Love Fridge with the foods collected throughout the drive.

This is one of the three boxes used for the food drive. The boxes were placed throughout the Laboratory Schools.

Ben and Carter talk to a first-grade class about the importance of nutritious and allergy-friendly foods.

Pictured above: KAN President and Co-founder Ben O'Donnell speaks at a lower school assembly at the Laboratory Schools. He is accompanied by KAN VP and Co-founder Edward Park, KAN Events Committee Chair George Stackert, UHigh Health and Fitness Club President Carter Chang, UH Health and Fitness Club VP Mason List, and other members of the UH Health and Fitness Club.