We help raise awareness and support the mental and physical health of kids around the world with allergies.

Our Mission

Meet the Team

Benjamin O'Donnell

Founder, President

Theo Williams

Co-founder, Director of Technology

Edward Park
Co-founder, Vice President

Hi, I'm Benjamin (Ben). I have had a peanut allergy my whole life and have witnessed firsthand the hardships that come with allergic reactions and just avoiding certain foods in general. I also have many friends with different types of allergies and have seen how hard it can be for them to take certain precautions to find the right foods to eat.

Hi, my name's Theo. Although I do not have any allergies myself, I have many friends who do, and I am often surprised about how this limits their ability to do so many things. I hope to raise awareness for those with allergies and create more allergy-friendly environments for all.

Executive Team

Check out Ben's blog of his story!

Hi, my name is Edward. While I haven’t suffered any allergies in my life, I have seen and have close relatives who I’ve seen struggle with allergies. I’d like others to stay awake about this and actively participate in making our society a safer environment for those facing limits due to allergies.

Committee Chairs

Leon Dhal

Podcast Committee Co-chair

Tate Nguyen

Podcast Committee Co-chair

Henry Benton

Podcast Committee Co-chair

Mateo Nacu

Podcast Committee Co-chair

Lydia Frost

Outreach Committee Co-chair

George Stackert

Events Committee Co-chair

Bryce Light

Media Production Specialist

Asher Huner

Research Committee Co-chair

Xander Maxcy

Director of Community Research Initiatives

Tyler Chang

Events Committee Co-chair

Bryce Poston

Blogs Committee Chair

Tejah Rana

Outreach Committee Co-chair

Mia Lipson

PR Manager