Spreading Awareness at Ray Elementary

Check out the details from Kids Allergy Network's educational assembly at the William H. Ray Elementary School


All photos taken by Bryce Light, KAN Media Production Specialist

2/3/20243 min read

KAN President and Co-Founder Ben O'Donnell speaks at the assembly at Ray Elementary. He is accompanied by KAN Co-Founder and VP Edward Park, KAN Events Committee Co-Chair George Stackert, and KAN Co-Founder and Director of Technology Theo Williams.

In a recent initiative to promote allergy awareness and foster a culture of inclusivity, the Kids Allergy Network took the stage at the William H. Ray Elementary School. The organization conducted an engaging assembly, reaching out to first through fifth graders to give insights into the significance of understanding and supporting friends with allergies.

The informative session covered a range of topics aimed at empowering students to be more allergy-aware. One of the key messages emphasized was the importance of asking questions. Students were encouraged to inquire about their peers' allergies, fostering an environment of empathy and understanding. By doing so, the Kids Allergy Network aimed to break down barriers and give a stronger voice to the many students with allergies in the audience.

The assembly also highlighted the importance of reading food labels, a crucial skill for anyone navigating a world filled with various allergens. Kids were taught about the ins and outs of food labels and were shown where they could find common allergens to prevent reactions.

Equipping students with practical knowledge, the Kids Allergy Network emphasized the use of life-saving tools such as EpiPens. Through interactive demonstrations, students learned how to administer these devices and were encouraged to act swiftly in case of an emergency. The goal was to demystify these medical interventions, fostering a sense of responsibility and preparedness among the young audience. The kids were reminded to seek the assistance of an adult and the care of licensed health professionals in the case of an allergic reaction.

Furthermore, the assembly highlighted the importance of being proactive in different settings involving food containing possible allergens, such as shops or restaurants. Students were taught how to ask about ingredients and take the initiative to ensure food safety for everyone, including those with allergies. This promotes inclusivity and cultivates a sense of shared responsibility within the community.

The Kids Allergy Network was thrilled to have this opportunity to promote its mission of supporting the mental and physical wellness of kids with various allergies. Thanks to Ray Elementary for allowing us to shed light on this important topic.

All photos from this blog were taken by KAN Media Production Specialist Bryce Light.

Edward introduces KAN to the students.

Ben engages with the young audience.

Ben asks students to answer the question, "What is a food label?"

Edward speaks to the audience as a young volunteer demonstrates the use of a trainer EpiPen.

George expresses how to ask about allergens in different settings.

Theo and the KAN team conclude by encouraging the young audience to talk to their friends about their allergies.

Ben answers a question about dealing with allergic reactions.

Ben answers a student's question after the conclusion of the assembly.