KAN at Farmers Markets

Check out some of the work KAN has been doing at farmers market with an aim to further spread allergy awareness


Photos taken by KAN Media Production Specialist Bryce Light

7/11/20243 min read

Kids Allergy Network recently hosted booths at the Garfield Farmers Market and Plant Chicago Farmers Market with the aim of spreading the impact of allergy awareness to a new audience. This new setting allowed us to speak to children and parents that also came to the market to browse different and new food options. Our visitors came to our booth eager to learn about how they can become more allergy aware to help themselves if they or someone close to them has an allergy or to build a stronger sense of community with their peers.

We hosted a few different educational activities at our booths. The first activity consisted of spinning a wheel with different topics related to allergy education. The wheel had prompts relating to different aspects of allergy education, such as reading food labels, and whatever option the participant landed on would determine the first topic they learned about. Another activity had participants draw some of the things they are allergic to, painting a growing picture, community, and connection between the varying allergies of our participants.

These farmers markets were the first time that we had the opportunity to present to parents with their kids. We had never presented to parents before, and they gave us a special new perspective on dealing with both their own allergies throughout life, and helping kids and family members with allergies. The parents expressed gratitude for the work we were doing, and it was a joy to work with the kids of all different ages in attendance.

We extend our gratitude to the Garfield Market and Plant Chicago Market for allowing us to present at their markets, and we will be back at the Plant Chicago Farmers Market on August 17th. Be sure to check out our booth then!

Kids Allergy Network at the Plant Chicago Farmers Market. At the booth are KAN Events Committee Co-Chair Tyler Chang, KAN Founder and President Ben O'Donnell, and KAN Media Production Specialist Bryce Light.

KAN at the Garfield Farmers Market. At the booth are KAN Founder and President Ben O'Donnell, and KAN Co-Founder and VP Edward Park.

Edward and Ben presenting at the Garfield Market booth.

Ben and Tyler showing the different booth activities at Plant Chicago.

Tyler and Ben doing an activity at the Plant Chicago Market.

Ben and Edward showing a training EpiPen to a kid at the Garfield Market.

Ben showing the spinning wheel activity to a family at the Plant Chicago booth.

Ben presenting to a parent and child at the Garfield Market booth.