Bodhi's Food Allergies and Intolerances

Read about how Bodhi has navigated a nut allergy and various food intolerances, such as fructose malabsorption


1/16/20241 min read

Bodhi Compton, Atherton, CA, Menlo School, Class of 2027

Eating out at restaurants is always fun. What isn't fun is seeing a dish that looks amazing, only to find out you can't eat it. While I am allergic to nuts, I have many other food intolerances. Having fructose malabsorption, meaning my body has issues digesting fructose, many fruits and vegetables are off-limits for me. In addition to also being lactose intolerant and having some random intolerances, many dishes that initially look good in online reviews end up just being super simple dishes without any exciting additions. While I still love going out to eat, having so many issues with different foods often dampens my enjoyment of visiting new restaurants. Luckily, I still have time to grow out of my allergies, although many of my intolerances may stick around. While it is annoying not being able to eat foods that my friends love, like french fries or pizza, not being able to eat those foods has helped me become more cautious. I have to make sure that all the snacks or other foods I get from grocery stores don't contain any ingredients that I can't eat, which has helped me in life to ensure I get as much information as possible and take my time when making decisions. I've learned to enjoy what I get to do, just like how I make sure to enjoy the food I can eat since I know others can't.